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Greetings camphost1, and welcome aboard,

The Browning Auto-5 and Remington Model-11 automatics are essentially the same gun. The the original Browning A-5 production was moved to the FN works in Belgium (until the Nazis took over during WW II) and Remington made their Model-11 under a Browning license. Browning contracted with Remington to produce A-5s during the war. This explains why a Browning Auto-5 may have Remington markings. And, Remington Model 11s may have a Browning reference mark for the license agreement.

Remington stopped making their Model-11 in 1947. The new Model 11-48 came out the following year. A-5 production returned to FN in 1952 and eventually moved to Japan (1975). John M. Browning would have had some trouble taking any shotguns away since he'd be dead since 1926.

I'm curious, you mentioned that your gun is a "1949 20ga.sportsmen semi auto camelback remington browing shotgun" - any 1949 Remington autos would be a smooth back Model 11-48 -- where did you get the year info? Introduced around 1931, The Sportsman was a 3-shot version of the 5-shot Model-11.

Your gun is worth what someone will give you. If curious, check your local gun shops -- prices vary by region. Or, see a web-based gun auction site for recent Auto-5/Model-11/Sportsman activity.

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