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Moss, as many disagreements are on TFL now (one that I'm personally involved with) I hesitate to disagree wtih anyone here in the reloading forum (my personal favorite of all TFL forums)...however, I personally have found that I can be pretty darn fast with my dial calipers...familiarity helps a lot. When I first started, they were slow, but I really feel like they're just as fast as digital ones now. Also, a recent reloading article asked one of the big-time gun makers and handloaders about calipers. (I've forgotten who) He said he always bought the $20-$30 ones because they are just as accurate, and when you drop them on the floor, you don't cry. I agree. I've seen the $300 sets, and I'd jsut hate to break them...I'm a real clutz!

Oh yeah...I totally agree with DialONE911 you won't need that case trimmer 'till you start on rifle cases.
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