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1851 Colt - Quick Change Cylinders?

I never considered the '51 Colt as particularly suitable to rapid change of cylinders for quicker reloads.

Watching an old TV show (well... 1980's) called "The Young Riders" that has Bill Hickock as one of the characters, packing a pair of '51 Colts. Several times, I've seen him yank the wedge by hand very easily, pull the barrel, put a new capped and loaded cylinder on the arbor, attach the barrel, set the wedge and start shooting again.

Looking at the '51 Pietta clone I have, I just don't see how that's possible. The wedge is too tight to pull by hand. I have to tap it with a rubber mallet or a piece of wood from the ground. And re-inserting it, I have to work the cylinder a bit to find the "sweet spot" where the gap is small as can be but the action won't bind up from the wedge being too tight. And to get it there, I have to tap it in (it binds too much inserting by hand), then tap it back out a skosh.

Anyone know a means to get a '51 Colt set up for fast-change cylinders?

Or is this Hollyweird bull-pucky?

Just seems to me that the '58 Remington is suited to the practice, but not the '51 Colt.
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