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Originally Posted by ZeSpectre
Actually there are a lot of banks where carry (open or concealed) is just fine.
In MI OC is legal in banks.

And here is a recent news story about a bank inviting armed customers:

I kinda wanna play devil's advocate with the while OC-while-doing-yard-work thing. I don't know if that's a very intelligent thing for a few reasons. The first is I wouldn't want to let thug neighbors know I'm a gun owner. They have a very convenient vantage point from which to watch and figure out my schedule from day to day. They know when I'm not home. The last thing I need is for them to break in and try to steal my guns. The second is a legal concern, many would see OCing on your property as "incitement" insteadof de-escalation. A good prosecuting attorney would ask "why didn't you go to the HOA, the police, or just talk to your neighbors and try to figure it out?".

Originally Posted by Dave85
If you inadvertently show your gun while carrying concealed, and someone sees it and reports you, you could face brandishing charges. The likelihood of this probably varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
To clarify this a little, brandishing in MI has to have two aspects: an unholstered gun, and a "menacing" action. So an inadvertently revealed concealed carry gun is not brandishing, but there are the other two aspects in these situations: 1. the unknowing, probably hysterical citizen that calls in the MWAG call and 2. the overzealous DA who is up for re-election looking to get another gun off the street to add to his commercials.
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