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The tail leather is of tapering thickness ( from maybe 6-8 oz at the base to 2-3 oz at the tip ) the hide I got is 6-7 inches wide & maybe 14" long...

I've been playing with regular dead cow for the holster base, then adding a thinner exotic leather over the outside of the front ( I have 5-6 so far, that I've made out of ostrich leg leather ) which has very interesting textures... the ankle almost has a scale type pattern from the big middle toe, my last one used a knee section, which is highly textured, & looks way heavier than it really is, because of the deep ripples... this beaver tail is smooth as cow hide but has a definate pattern that is almost scale like...

If I continue to make holsters for my top breaks I could get a couple from one tail... I thought about starting on some of my semi autos, so I'll have to see what I want to use it on

JOHN sorry for starting a thread with such a possibly naughty title... but I really am curious if any of the excellent holster makers we have on here have ever worked with it...

BTW... when I get to work on Monday, I'll post a pic of it..
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