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I was wondering, if you are CCW and by coincidence your gun shows by accident, how serious is this?
In Virginia, and speaking in legal terms, it's not serious at all unless you are someplace that you aren't supposed to have a firearm at all. Now how people around you may react and how local law enforcement may react can vary widely from area to area.

For example in the Shenandoah Valley it is unlikely that anyone would even bat an eye (unless you were on a college campus or something similar) whereas down in Virginia Beach or in Arlington you might get a far different response.

I'm in Virginia, OC is legal if you can see the front, back, and side of the weapon
Where in the world did you get this? Open carry in Virginia is not a case of "being legal" (as in someone gave us permission), it's a case of there are no prohibitions against open carry. The only prohibitions are with regard to concealed carry (permit required) and locations where firearms are not permitted (schools, federal buildings, posted property, etc).

So since open carry is not restricted (again, in VA), and since you already have a permit for concealed carry, you are covered.
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