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I have several pistols from ASM and the only complaint is against an 1858 Remington in Brass which has a poorly fitted trigger guard. Shoots well. Functions well.

I have two of those Remingtons, one in brass and one in Steel. They have the same feature that most complain about on just about every 1858 out there. The trigger seems to have been contoured for a five year old child.

I just bought a Walker from Denster and that pistol is really sweet!

I rehabbed an 1863 imported by CVA and made in the ASM factory. The quality of those pistols is pretty well accepted.

I had a verbal conversation with BPREVOLVER one day and he believes that ASMs are under-rated, a sentiment which I believe Mykeal agrees with (Don't let me put with wrong words in your mouth, Mykeal.)

I have an 1860 Colt .44 (with a brass frame) which I have never shot. Fit and finish, easily matches Pietta/Traditions. Line up and lock up are solid. My main quarrel with this pistol is that it suffers from the lack of attention to the contour line on the barrel which I have whined and complained about previously. This is not an ASM thing, it is peculiar to most replica 1860/61s without regard to the maker. Most of mine are that way, even one of the actual Colts. The only screw on this pistol that has ever been touched by a screwdriver is the wedge screw. I bought this thing used and I think it may never have been shot. It sure is a pretty pistol. I would sell this thing for about a hundred and a half delivered if anyone in interested. (No box...No papers...turned..and maybe shot).

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