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Coupla points

Regarding Sebou's comment, which are always well thought out and well presented:

I am working on a pistol which will be a merger of a steel frame 1851 Navy in .36 and a brass frame G&G, also in .36. It will essentially be best described as a steel frame G&G or a round barreled Colt Navy. I am sure some of you will come up with some additional descriptions

The sources of the components for this pistol are so varied, I can not remember which came from where. I know that the barrel is from Navy Arms. The triggerguard and back strap (I think) are FIE. I don't know the manufacturer of the frame, nor the cylinder.

At this point, the pistol fits together well, line up and lock probably make it shootable (But there are no nipples in the cylinder).

I am taking photos as the project moves forward.

To Fingers:

Old Western Scrounger (Val Forgett III) frequently sells a Leech and Rigdon/G&G style barrel (.36 cal) on the GB and generally starts out at 19.00. If he lists the cylinder with it, the opening price is 29.00. That was the source of the barrel for the project described above.

You might want to call him and just ask if he has what you need.

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