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You will want to check your local laws. In Michigan, the law makes a distinction between carrying openly, and accidentally revealing a weapon that was intended to be concealed.

If you inadvertently show your gun while carrying concealed, and someone sees it and reports you, you could face brandishing charges. The likelihood of this probably varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you intend to carry openly, make sure you are not wearing a jacket or other garment that could obscure the gun and create the impression that it is supposed to be concealed. In either case, you need to pick one and be careful to stick with it. Ambiguity is an open door through which legal trouble can enter the situation.

Again, that's Michigan, and I don't know how the law sees it in Virginia. What constitutes 'brandishing' varies from one place to another. Sounds like CajunBass is fortunate to live in a gun-frindly part of the state. Do you? It might very well make a difference. Either way, I would advise that you familiarize yourself with the law. You should concern yourself not only with what you can expect will probably happen based on local sentiment, but also with the worst case scenario that the law prescribes.

Personally, I have seen badly concealed pistols showing from under woefully inadequate cover garments twice. Both times, my immediate reaction was the same: "Ew. Sloppy." Also, both times I could have easily reached out and snatched the gun, as neither carrier was any more attentive to their surroundings than they were to their gun. In the words of Gandalf the Grey: "Keep it secret! Keep it safe!"
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