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Don't worry about it, at least not in Virginia. I have NEVER had anyone, anywhere, anytime say anything (negative)about an openly carried handgun, much less one that I made even a modest attempt to conceal. I have gotten a few questions about what kind of gun I had, how they could get a permit (not needed for OC), and so on, but not often. Go on about your business and don't sweat it.

thanx. that makes me feel better. I was sort of thinking the same thing, but I have only been carrying a couple years. I wanted to be sure.


I'm just covering all the bases so as to make sure I avoid an improbable yet frustrating situation in the future. Virginia is really gun friendly; I don't know why the OC law is that way(it might have changed, but I know there is talk of converting to the CCW laws VT, AK, & AZ have). Nobody that I know of gets hassled for OC, but I have yet to do it. People shoot in their backyards no problem, and many business owners OC while 'on the clock'.
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