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Shoddy business practices.

I worked for J and G for 3 years. I was their warehouse man, gunsmith and sales person. The owners are very ruthless and are only concerned about money. The first thing Brad would do in the late morning when he got there was to go straight to the cash register and see how much money was taken in. He would walk right past us employees without even a good morning or greeting. I repaired and put out for sale many unsafe guns, which they would sometimes (and sometimes not) tag as "gunsmith specials" sold with no refund or waranty. When shipments came in, they would unscrupulously remove all the accessories (mags, slings, etc) normally supplied with the guns and sell them seperately. One of the worse things that they made me do there was when they took in a trade on a used Ladysmith Smith and Wesson, they instructed me to clean it up, and they put it out for sale as new. A lady purchased it a couple of days later unaware. I still regret that. Ive also cleaned up suicide guns of their dried blood and hair and put them out for sale unbeknownst to the buyer. They control their employees through fear. The so called manager Tom is a whole new ball of wax, I wont even get started about him. I could go on and on. Their bad news guys. Im not being spiteful, I just wanted to share some of my experiences.
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