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I can't read minds, but I'll bet he-- on many a night in his prison cell, wished he'd called the police.
Wow, pretty graphic, i have a few questions. (no preconceived notions just serious questions). I know you're not an attorney (right?) and what if's can be done until the sky falls but here goes,

-Do you think the outcome for the homeowner would have been different WITHOUT the video? His word against a dead man's word?
-What if he had waited for the guy to get closer, say arms reach? would it have mattered?
-What if everything stayed the same (video, distance, etc.) BUT without the taunting and "do you want more, i killed ya" post shooting?
-Had he tried to help the guy -roll to side/chest pumps and call 911 immediately (as in he didnt want him dead just protecting his life that he felt was in immediate danger) would that have helped his case?

Personally, in THAT situation, I would have out the gun away, and fought with him-right or wrong.
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