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Tell them to leave, do not ask. I've noticed that sometimes body language is all you need. Square your shoulders, stand up straight and let them know they won't get to you. Make direct eye contact and hold it. I've used this before, but at 6'2" and 250 I can be intimidating when I want to. If they come onto your property tell them to leave or you will call the Police. If you feel the need to, go inside and do it, *if* you think you can do so safely, just don't turn your back. The next warning is a low-ready stance.

I know what you mean about not having your cell in your pocket while doing yard work. In FL I get pretty sweaty out there in the sun, sometimes it soaks right through my pocket. I don't want my $600 Palm getting all sweaty. I usually won't have it in my pocket but always near at hand. I would not, however, call the PD in front of these people, that would mean taking your eyes off of a possibly active threat. And we all know how fast things can happen...

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