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I've had almost this very thing done to me. Differences were I had my cell on me and the wife was home as usual. (Doesn't drive) In my case I approached the punks and told them to get the H off my property or I'd call the police. Was told to F off. I immediately got out my cell and called my brother, but of course the punks didn't know that, and immediately moved off in a different direction hurling insults all the while. I had a pleasant conversation with my brother and then continued with my work. They didn't bother me again, they found out I had no reservations about protecting my property and wasn't afraid of them, and I didn't really have to bother the cops. The whole lot of losers that were living there were gone within 6 months.

Many other things have happened here along those lines, but this was what most matched the OP's situation.
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