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The stock grips on the Ruger became quite slick later in the match.
Until your new grips come in, here's a hint: swing by your local pharmacy and ask for a roll of Coban Tape. That's that spongy tan tape stuff that has no stickum or goo. I haven't read anywhere in the NRA Rules where it says the stuff is unauthorized. I rolled up a bit of it and flattened it out (for some palm swell) and then made two wraps around the butt on my Buck Mark. Helps a ton with the sweaties.

Edit: Just noticed where you said you were going to drop your Federal bulk ammo. Don't ditch it just yet. Buy a 50rnd box of several different kinds and see what your Ruger prefers the best- it might not be the expensive stuff! For obvious reasons, I wouldn't use Remington, but your best performer could be anything. Price does not seem to be a deciding factor at all. And it could frustrate you right out of the sport if you find yourself spending big bucks on ammo and never getting past 180 on a 300 score string of fire. Clean your bbl between each test batch of ammo and allow at least 15 fouling shots before testing accuracy. BUT- don't clean your bbl between matches unless you can have time to put in 15 fouling shots before the scoring starts. That's not hard facts, just something I've picked up in the short time I've been doing the Bullseye thing.
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