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If they forced a situation where I felt it necessary to draw - ...............

These two would set themselves up for a very bad day if they actually came on property and attempted an assault.
Some years back (Aug 1, 1995) there was an incident shown over and over again on various news networks. A neighborhood bully came on to a man's property in a very aggressive manner as the homeowner stood his ground.

The security camera caught it all. It's GRAPHIC, but if you carry a gun--watch it.

The property owner said NO, NO, NO. The bully saw the gun and said, "I don't give a S#@*&" and came up onto the porch and turned toward the home owner. That dialogue can't be heard very well on either video, but could on the original news versions.

The lower link is better quality. The first one is from the TFL in 2005. Or Google up--- Man Shoots Bully on His Porch; and you'll get lots of videos.

Old stuff, but considering the topic of this thread, it might be a good idea to revisit the incident.

As he reaches the porch and turns toward the homeowner there's four quick shots, and the bully was a bully no more, but rather writhing on the porch screaming in agony. Not a pleasant thing to watch.

The homeowner, no doubt in a highly aroused state, didn't help his case by taunting him.

Death was the result for the bully (with a neighborhood reputation to that effect) and I'm not sure if the home owner is out of prison yet.

I can't read minds, but I'll bet he-- on many a night in his prison cell, wished he'd called the police.

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