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Driftin' OT a bit...

45King, I have a bit of a problem in worrying about javelinas. I think most of the "attack" stories come from events like one of mine: I walked into the middle of a bunch of them, mid-day while they were resting. They all panicked and ran, all in the same direction. I had a couple of them run darned near between my legs, but they weren't "charging". They're so near-sighted they can't see well enough to make a deliberate charge.

You can ease along quietly with a bunch of them, within ten yards or so, if you have the wind in your favor. If you don't make sudden motions or any noise, they'll never notice you.

I grabbed a baby pigelina one day; he squealed, Momma popped her jaws a lot, and the rest of the bunch ran off. When I put piggy back on the ground, Piggy and Momma left in a hurry...

They are definitely territorial, and make good "watch pigs", as a census taker found out, here.

Tasty, real tasty, too...

, Art
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