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I'm afraid

This is only the beginning, I'm sorry to say.
I'm familiar with this scenario. They'll move to vandalizing and theft, I'm pretty sure drugs are involved, so they won't stop by themselves.

-If you can afford it, get a PC, install webcamxp ( which records the movement around the house and upload the pics to a webserver for later review).

-Get yourself three or more of those $20.oo webcams and install the on the window, if the cameras have a red light the bad guys will know "they are on TV" the damage cannot be avoided, but you'll know who and when it was done.

-Get yourself a scary and loud dog, to keep the off your six as much as you can.

-Motion activated light are big help on this, you'll know when there is activity on your front and back yard, since the glow can be apreciated fron the inside most times.

-Have a plan of action, don't be afraid to discuss it with the children, set a fort where to fall back in the event of an emergency, behind your bed is a good place, when the count of heads is complete you can shoot the lifes off anything approaching at this point.

- make a police report as often as this happens, don't be afraid to "bother" the police, you'll have a record of harassment, and it'll help if the inevitable happens.

-By all means don't go after them, if you go to prison, you'll leave your loved ones, unprotected.

-By all means keep control of the situation, they'll try to lure you into their manipulation zone, where you are vulnerable, discover their game and call it. You don't have anything to prove to those trash bins at all.

_If you have to bake cookies and brownies for the leos to hang around your neighborhood , by all means do it.

- If you carry, never, never let them know, you'll blow your chance for a surprise, in fact you'll end up with a surprise on your side, remember they are not playing by the rules. By the way if they know you CC, they'll call the police and you're in trouble, it'll be easy for them to be credible since after all you carry your gun with you always.

Mind you this are preventive measures. This type of trash are basically lazy and if you persist and show backbone they'll move to something else eventually.

They have a basic disadvantage over you, they are not very intelligent they are just brash.

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