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About 2 weeks ago I had bought a Spanish 32-20 revolver that looks like a Colt Police model for $75.00. Had some surface rust, so I used 0000 steel wool and looks little better now. After I bought it, I went on line and looked up info of it and from what I read, was not good. A lot of people said not to shoot it cause the steel is too week for modern loads and would blow up! So I took it to a gunsmith and says it's ok to shoot as long you shoot light loads through it. I then picked up some Black Hills Cowboy loads and shot it last Saturday at the range and it did shoot. Shot 2 boxes but it was spitting lead at the cylinder gap. One couple 20 feet to my left was feeling lead and I was feeling it on my left temple and arm. Funny thing, the empty shell casings end up being straight wall instead of bottle neck. Then I took it at the store where I bought it and showed them the case and explained what had happend. So right now it's being repaired. Nice gun though but ammo is a little too pricey. I guess all those shooter that had their guns blowup must have had used high pressure loads. One more thing, some of the bullets were keyholing.
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