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Hi Gents,

Sebou, what are you pointing out, the gap between the steel and brass?
Well, you see very well, sorry, but i'am an idiot !:barf: When I took the picture, I did not even place the barrette through the barrel yet.
Apart from that, I just wanted to show it is possible to change all of our pieces on BP. Of course, you still watch parts of the quotes are relatively close and compatible with a little work and sweat. I think what is possible with the brass frame is achievable with steel carcasses.
On this revovler "hybrid", I kept the gun deck, the handle, the grip frame, trigger, the spring cam from Armi San Marco on a model 1990. I set up a carcass Uberti brass (found in a flea market a few years ago for 20 €) dating from 1974 which I have adapted a barrel cam, a finger lift, hammer, big hammer Adjusting Spring and he had I adjust the barrel ratchet to lift a finger to get it work well.
That is a good fun!

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