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Hallo, I am here new and show of my new toy.
Whitney cal.36 nickel-coated original.
I am sorry for grammar, I write over PC Translator.
Starr SA 1863 .44 org.,Whitney Navy .36 org.,Colt Lightning .44-40 org., Bozard & Co. Hammerless 12ga org.,Colt,GEW 88,Tryon .45 DP,Sharps Carbine and Sporting .45 IAB,D.H.Hilliard .40,Barlow .40,Cub Dixie DeLux .32 DP,Colt 1861 Special Musket .58,Undehammer Billinghurst .40 &.451,Gallager .54,Hatfield .32 Carb.& Long DP,Shotgun Coach 12ga.DP, Tingle Pallmetto.36
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