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CCW and gun comes into sight by accident

I was wondering, if you are CCW and by coincidence your gun shows by accident, how serious is this?

I'm in Virginia, OC is legal if you can see the front, back, and side of the weapon(not all at same time but like if three people were each at different angles: front, back, + side). I also can CCW in Virginia as I have met the requirements. You know usually it isn't an issue, but sometimes someone will reach up for something at the store and you can see under his shirt. In my case maybe you could see the grip coming out of my pocket just a small tad on a bad day. Is this something you need to be 100% accurate about or live in fear about? I follow the laws to the best of my ability; the last thing I want to do is get in trouble and cause backlash at work as an example.
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