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First of all we called them up asked some questions about guns. The gentleman on the phone was really cool. He suggested that we come in on Saturday and take some time to discuss about which hand guns would suit me and my girlfriend the best.

This is what is cool. We got there and everyone and I mean EVERYONE was so friendly. They made us feel at ease about guns and owning one. The person I spoke to on the phone dropped everything and actually took his time to take care of us. He let both of us hold different guns and told us the good and the bad.

He made the background check very easy on the laptop computer. It got real busy after a while and he had to do the computer back ground checks for other people so he handed us over to his partner and he was great also.

All in all, no one tried to sell us the most expensive gun nor tried to rush us out. We left VERY HAPPY with a 9mm and a 22.

Kudos to those guys and how they run things.

I HIGHLY suggest when purchasing a gun as a newbie or an experienced person to go to Prairie Arms. I believe they have two locations.
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