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walldi45 - what you have is a "rare old pinfire boat anchor" - you'd probably have to pay a scrapyard to take it - so why don't you just box it up and send it to me? I'll reimburse the postage!

JUST KIDDING!!!! This is an interesting revolver and it looks like it is in decent shape as well. I've never been in to pinfire guns - owned a small pinfire double barrel side by side pistol one time though. But - the more I see of these, the more I really like them. You run across pinfire revolvers once in a while and I think they'd be interesting to collect. I think some of the smaller folding trigger ones are interesting as well. I wish I could help out with some info on this but will just have to settle for saying that it's a nice looking revolver and I hope you can find something out on it and that you'll let us know. Good luck and treasure it as it is interesting! Sincerely, bedbug
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