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Thanks for the info guys. Unfortunetly my uncle has passed away and I am not able to talk to him personally about the gun. As I mentioned my uncle was an in-law so it's not my family line. I do have a picture of his great grandfather with the gun but it's obviously years after the war. Even with that you can only see that it's a 1851 but not for sure this one. Regardless of the relation it's staying in my family, especially since I gave him my word when he gave it to me.
It was pretty cool getting his military records. He served with two different units for the North, 14th Missouri Cav. and the 46th Missouri Inf.. It included his enlistmaent and discharge papers and several muster calls. I looked up his unit and like most in that time there were more casulties from disease than combat. According to notes written in their bible, he was a orderly for Col. Rosecrans. I know some eyes open wide with that name but further research showed that it was not the same Col. Rosecrans that was made famous in the war. Apperently there were two Rosecrans in the Union. Again, thanks for you responce.

I did get a Range match letter from a company called Antique American firearms when I sent off the serial number for them to do research. They indicated that the weapons serial number was within the serial number range of identical weapons issued to the 19th Pennsylvania Vol. Cavalry/ 1864. I am aware that this might not be accurate in formation. Is anybody know anything about this company? They said the got the info from the National Archives, record group #94.

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