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J&G Sales

I read a closed thread here warning about dealings with J&G Sales. I live in Arizona, and lived in Prescott for many years. Many will know that is where J&G operates from. There were some negative posts about J&G, as well as many discounting the negatives and relating their own experiences. I have heard the stories from other friends who were employees at J&G, and I have no doubt that J&G is out for every dollar they can get. In my personal experience, they do strip the accessories from most things that come in and sell them separately. They can be somewhat ruthless and certainly their counter service leaves everything to be desired. On the other hand, they do middle-man a lot of old surplus stuff and police trade-ins that you would not find anywhere else locally. If you keep in mind that this is not your father's J&G from Turner Montana, and the modern one doesn't care if you ever return as a customer or not, you will do okay dealing with them. just observe the old warning, caveat emptor. In my humble opinion, it is a disservice to the readers here to attack the former employee who simply stated his own experiences. Because you have had good experiences does not mean his are not valid as well.
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