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I read the various articles on this and I think these guys were expecting something to happen even if they werent sure that it would happen on any particular day.

That said, I also think there was no probable cause and that the police abused there power. I think the refusal to show id was based on the lack of any probable cause. I could see myself being offended if Im doing nothing wrong and Im accosted for simply doing what the law allows. Yes I would have shown Id to the police but I would have also written the Mayor and probably a Senator or two about the abuse of power.

This group seems to have some experience in these problems and I do think they were operating within the law even if they were eventually expecting to be challenged.

Im not sure what its going to take (if anything will ever work) for police to start following the constitution as the right to bear arms has been ruled a fundamental right, especially concerning pistols. I appologize for the generalization toward police but there are a lot of problems out there. Police are not the only citizens allowed to carry guns and certain individuals need to learn that. Sorry, I respect my officers in blue but I feel there is some justification.
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