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Originally Posted by Conn. Trooper
How does that apply to open carry? If it's a common thing where you live, then most of the time it will not cause alarm or generate calls about a man with a gun. If its not common and people don't see it, then you get calls.
How does this play out for you and your agency in Connecticut, Sir? Under Connecticut law, nobody is allowed to carry a handgun without a permit, but with the permit any mode of carry is legal -- concealed or open. (Yes, you can verify that -- I'm told that some legal office within state government researched it thoroughly and has advised the State Police that open carry IS legal with a permit.)

So -- if open carry is legal, albeit unusual because for years police and citizens all over Connecticut have been told it is NOT legal, then how (and why) do you respond to a call about a man with a gun? If the man is simply wearing the gun in a holster on his belt, you have no probable cause or even reasonable suspicion that he is breaking the law -- certainly no more than seeing a person driving down the road and assuming they don't have a driver's license.

So ... what would you do? First, how would your 9-1-1 dispatchers handle the call? Next, assuming they'd fluff it and send a unit ... how would you approach the person? Would you even talk to him or her, or would you be satisfied to see that he/she is just drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, while wearing a handgun on his/her belt?
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