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Okay, here is the setup... I'm wanting to get into reloading so that I can afford to shoot enough to improve my shooting with my .45ACP and .38 special.

I want to get quality, but I don't have a ton of money to spend. After searching TFL for a while, I've settled on a Rockchucker. I've got a Lyman (47th) reloading manual and I know I'll need at least one other. I'm not interested in working up particular loads... just one that approximates the Speer Lawman I shoot in my Kimber right now.

I may want to reload for my .30-30 at some point, but that isn't a big concern at the moment.

So... I want to narrow my shopping list to include everything I need, while excluding things that I can get along without for the first 3 or 4 months.

After I get the list nailed down, I'll start shopping for the best prices on the more expensive items. If any of you have time, could you trim this list, or suggest must-haves that I've missed?

My thanks in advance... I'm sure you'll be hearing from me with problems once I actually get started.

Rockchucker press
Die sets (planning to get the kind that don't need lube)
Case-neck brush
Primer tray
Powder scale
Powder funnel
Dial calipers
Case trimmer
Case trimmer pilot
Deburring tool
Powder measure and stand
Primer pocket cleaner
Case cleaner setup (corncob media, tumbler, cleaning stuff)


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