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Just a side note, police look for things that are not common or everyday happenings. Example, if there is always a van parked behind the package store at night, then it needs no further thought-its the norm. If there is never a van behind the store, now we need to see if there is a break-in going on, did the van break down and need a wrecker? Medical issue with the driver?

How does that apply to open carry? If it's a common thing where you live, then most of the time it will not cause alarm or generate calls about a man with a gun. If its not common and people don't see it, then you get calls. Calls about everyday, common things don't get the same attention from LE that uncommon calls get. If everyone walks around in Bisbee, Arizona or El Paso Texas with openly carried guns, there shouldn't be calls to LE because it happens every day. Now if that goes on somewhere that doesn't have it happen every day, then you get calls, people are alarmed, police respond. I would assume wherever this went on isn't a place where open carry is the norm.

Not saying that's right or wrong, just the way it is.
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