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The last four days have seen a flurry of activity in this case.

Chicago has deposed more people than they told the Judge they needed. In fact, Chicago wants to depose anyone and everyone that has even heard of this case and has motioned to extend the time for discovery. Oh, Chicago also wants to move the injunction hearing date back...

All of this (and more) is answered by Alan Gura in several reply briefs.

See the docket, here, then scroll down to the briefs starting with item #52. ... Well, you should really start with Chicago's briefs at #42.

However you look at it, try to just scroll down reading the court reporters notes on the various filings. You'll get the idea.

Chicago is in panic mode and is obfuscating at every turn. They know they don't have a leg to stand on, so they are delaying this to the best of their ability.

Unless the judge budges, the preliminary injunction hearing will be this Friday, at 1:00pm. There is even a consideration on board to convert the preliminary injunction straight to trial and permanent injunction.

I suggest everyone bookmark the docket and view it everyday between now and Friday afternoon. Should be interesting to see what else develops!

Edited to add humor:

This from the response in #52...
Nonetheless, the City invokes the work of noted UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler relating to standards of review. This reliance is badly misplaced. Regardless of whether the cited article truly reflects the City’s position, it predates Heller’s rejection of rational basis, and McDonald’s finding that the Second Amendment secures a fundamental right, as well as the Seventh Circuit’s opinions applying intermediate review. But notably, Prof. Winkler agrees that Chicago’s range ban is unconstitutional: “Reasonable gun control is one thing, this another. Chicago requires 1 hour on range for handgun permit but bars ranges.”, Aug. 16, 2010, 3:18 p.m. (citation omitted) (last visited Sept. 26, 2010).
That has to be the briefest amicus brief on record!
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