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open carry bust in WI

I lived in wisconsin for years a couple of decades ago, and revisit regularly.

The possibilities run the gamut- i've seen people carrying loaded rifles into bars, no problem, and i've seen people i would not trust with a slingshot.

If you have the right to carry open, you should understand that some peole may feel uncomfortable with it, and be as reasonably mature abou doing so as possible. Arizona has few problems with this, and the open carriers are very mature and professional about why they carry. I personally love it. I feel safer there than almost anywhere.

Wisconsin has some odd politics. It's not an inherently bad state, but i see too many ads for 'personal injury' lawyers on tv there. For my comfort. Still too many irresponsible deer hunters for my taste, though i do occasionally take my chances with them... They are not too intentionally mean, but again, people there tend to run the gamut..

nuf said
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