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Exactly what ISN'T TRUE?


I've re-read the articles, and read through the links in the Buckeye Firearms Association website, and I'm not seeing anything they printed that isn't "true."

There were 5 gathered at the restaraunt, eating a meal, open carrying. Two of them were sited for Obstruction. Those two citations were dropped and then Madison PD brought 5 charges of Disorderly Conduct on the entire group of 5.

Madison is trying to make a liberal stand on them, even the 3 that were "cooperating" with the ID checks. That reeks of abuse of power if you ask me. It smacks of 4th ammendment violation as well.

I think there is a line drawn in the sand, and this case may be the watershed event that brings CCW to the forefront of discussion in Wisconsin.

If you read this link, it says they can cite someone for Disorderly:

Originally Posted by City of Madison News Release
Instead, citations for City Ordinance DC will be given to those who engaged in the behavior that led to the need for police to be called.

The DC statute does not require an actual disturbance take place, only that conduct in question is of a type that tends to cause or provoke a disturbance
Wait.....What? Someone calls the police on you and you get cited because the police were called on you?

That's so ignorant, I'm going to cough up some cash for the defense of this joke of an interpretation of the law.
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