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I hear ya...but the biggest problem I have is the spouting of all the Pro-Gun sites telling a different story than it actually is.....

...and I agree Police are put in a tough spot..If I had there job I would be apprehensive about peeps walking around with guns....especially when it is a relatively a new thing for them to get used to at least for current generations.........hell, I am apprehensive about long bearded Muslims and women in Burkas but that's just due to too many deployments and the crap in the world...not saying that it is just is what it is.....

the whole...."has no requirement to give ID to a police officer if he isn't breaking the law"...but these peeps should know what they and the police are up against....cutting the cops slack would of cut them a lot too...but of course that wouldn't of made a good news story then...and in the end that's all it was about
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