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WCI v. Madison: was Police charge five "legal" open carry citizens in Wisconsin

Was just making a comment on this..I'm sure a lot of you are getting emails form your various gun sites/gun rights sites about this case...

I got this from Buckeye Firearms Ass.

type in: "Police charge five "legal" open carry citizens in Wisconsin"

and you'll see a whole slew of articles re-posting the same story and it is in a bunch of forums and peeps are jumping on the band wagon..........then I did a little research on the web and saw the news story from the incidents local area...

...these guys were wearing wires?!?!? W T F?! is so obvious what they thought was going to happen and were planning it...what the my Pro-Gun sites leave out is the Police simply asked the guys for IDs...and 2 of them refused to show the police.....IF the police ask me for ID I'll let him see it...what is the harm in that?....And WTH .."Police Charge Five.." they only charged 2 and it had nothing to do with the open carry itself...this is the kind of miss-information crap that get people in an uproar...and then ya feel like an idiot because it was not even the really makes me question the sights I visit, I love my Pro-Gun sights..but they start sending me miss-information on certian things I'll then start to question everything they send me...

I hope no-one contributes to the "legal fund" that people are putting up for them...I'm all for Open Carry and Concealed Carry, but morons like this is what hurts it from happening
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