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Fit and Finish

I have put a few kits together and am currently working on a new one. Not sure which model you are looking at. These can be a challenge to a novis but Y'all could work thru this. Some spot cold bluing can work. Another choice would be to find a shop that does black oxide finish. You also have the choice of leaving it white. I think that a good choice might be browning or plum and this process give very good results.

On assembly, I first fully assemble the piece complete to work out those problem areas. Then I disassemble finish and reassemble. I take it slow on each stage of the process. On long guns, I really take my time. If it has a large amount of brass, it takes longer to work that metal. Don't know if you are selecting a kit with a removeable wedge pin and they are easier to work with. I think that this wod be a fantastic project fo scouts as you will see them working together and helping each other. ....

Be Safe !!!
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