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Black powder pistol kits

I'm thinking about putting together an activity for some older boy scouts (Venturers) where we would assemble some black powder pistol kits. Being an NRA certified Muzzleloading Pistol instructor, I can teach them the required BSA/NRA course and then take them shooting after they assembled the kits. However, I've not assembled any such kits before so I want to know what I'd be getting myself into. I'm not too worried about how finish the wood (although I am open to any suggestions) but I am wondering about the best way to finish the metal? I could be talking about anywhere from 10 to 50+ kits. My first thoughts are to take the barrel and lock parts to a gunsmith and have him blue them for me. Is there a better way? Those of you who have assembled such kits, what are your suggestions? How is the quality of the kits from Traditions Firearms?

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