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What about mountain lion?? They're planty dangerous, expecially when wounded or hungry. How about moose? They trample people up here (AK) every year, and can be some tough costumers during the rut when they're horny and territorial. Bears I would consider too, and maybe wolverines up here. I don't have any personal stories about shooting these critters, but a friend told us about shooting a wolverine.
It crossed the road in front of him and stopped and hissed when he got out. He shot it in the gut the first shot, and it started running towards him. He was hunting bear and had his .44 which he shot it with, and his .338 in the truck, he didn't want to shoot it with that, because of fur damage. His second shot from the .44 took out a front leg. It kept pushing and dragging itself toward him, he was getting worried, this thing meant death!! so he shot it with his .338. He skinned it and was surprised that the .44 hole through the gut made a bigger mess than the .338, but that was the one that finally put it down. I've heard that wolverines weren't afraid of anything, but I didn't believe it till he was telling me about it. He got a rug made out of it, and it looks pretty good now.
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