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RWBlue - good points you made! Cajun - I gotta admit, I'm thinking like you though - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I am pretty patient, but nothing @#$%@#%$ me off any more than to have to learn how to navigate through a new website, especially if it is full of bugs. If I can't find something easily instead of having to "wade" through it, I usually just forget about getting it there and go somewhere else to buy it. Same thing goes for shopping in a real store that you walk in to - if the people who work there don't want to work and help the customer find what he is looking for, or try to fake their way though it instead of just saying "I don't know" . . . . I'll go somewhere else where "customer service" means something. Hopefully Cabelas will get their act together and get their site so it's easy to use and navigate.
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