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Back on Civil War track

Recently an older Civil War buff passed away and I went to his son's home to pick up five boxes of his books. Most I'll share with members of the Civil War round tables that I belong too. One caught my attention though. It is Glenn W. Sunderland's Five Days to Glory. Based on the letters of 59th Illinois Pvt. Tighlman Jones, he joined at age 15 and fought at Pea Ridge, the Siege of Cornith, Perryville, Stone River (Murfreeboro), Knoxville, Atlanta and five days before his discharge, at Nashville where Hood's Army of Tennessee was crushed by Thomas. Jones unfortunately was wounded and did not survive his wound. A company commander in regiment recounts a tale of soldierly looting and avoidance of detection.

We encamped on a large creek bottom and there was a good many Missouri possums (as the boys call the hogs here) running through the timber and some of the boys were rather hungry. They came to me and asked me for my pistol to go and kill some possums. I gave it to them making them promise to not let the Colonel or any one know that I knew that they were killing possum, so presently in they came with some fine skinned hams and ribs. But the General had heard the firing of the pistols as my company was not the only one engaged in the sport and they made rather much noise. He sent the Colonel to see what was up so the Colonel came along one of my company's fires and saw one of the boys picking a bone before the boy saw him, so the Colonel asked him what he was eating. He said hog. Then the Colonel inquired where he got it. He said he bought it from another soldier in another regiment. Then the Colonel went into a tent where they had a ham but the boys saw him coming and shoved the ham out under the tent so the Colonel saw nothing and he started around the tent and the boys saw him again and shoved it through into the tent again, so the Colonel had to go without making any discovery.
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