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M1s have been used for hunting for years. IMHO (I own 4), I think that they are too heavy to lug around if you're stalking.

That said, for an ethical hunter, you'll want to use an expanding bullet on deer (I've recently developed a liking for Barnes TSX bullets for hunting applications). Also the propellant and load may be less than ideal for the M1's very specific pressure curve requirements. These requirements can be easily accomplished with a Schuster or McCann adjustable gas plug. Indeed, purchasing a two- or five-round sled clip for the M1 can limit your ammo to legal requirements for your chosen hunting area. If you attempt to use M2 ball equivalent (150gr FMJ), the bullets will not expand...if you attempt to use a standard hunting load, you may learn a new way to disassemble your Garand, one not recommended.

I might choose to use a 5-round sled with a good hunting load, setting the adjustable gas plug wide open to transform the M1 into a single shot, straight-pull bolt action were I to use one for hunting. For roughly $100, you can buy a forward scope base to replace the rear hand guard; this will allow the addition of a scout scope.

As to the poster who said he was going to use the Hornady 168 gr A-MAX bullet, please rethink that idea. The A-MAX is a match target bullet, not a hunting bullet. The Hornady line has wonderful hunting bullets (I've used GMXs)...take the approach I noted above. BTW, I love the A-Max 168gr bullet and use it in my match handloads. BTW, the weight and semi-auto action don't trouble me for hunting, but the required accuracy for the military was 3-4 MOA...mine are 2-3 MOA shooters with M2 Ball and 2 MOA shooters with Hornady match.


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