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Shot my first NRA 900 pistol match this morning

Our local R&P club has an open-to-the-public Saturday morning match so I went this morning and had a great time. I knew everyone would be using .22s, but I feel most confident with my 6" 686-4 and used that instead. My score was 644, the other guys said that was pretty good for a first try (and using the revolver). I shot all the slow fire in single action, but the timed fire and rapid fire was double action (except for the first shot).

It's quite a challenge to hit those targets one-handed at 50 yards, even if it is slow fire.

I think I'll use my Ruger Mark II Target with the 5.5" bull barrel next time and see if that raises my score any. I think it's a bit lighter than the .357 and is no doubt easier to keep on target for rapid fire.

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