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It performed pretty well when it was used to hunt Nazi's

then again the GI's weren't interested in eating them either. That being said I would rather carry my howa M1500 up and down the mountains of Idaho than my Yugo M59/66. Yes, I did that, and no, I didn't get anything. And with the kind of cover and ranges I hunt in I think I will stick to my .30-30 for a while now. It's easier to pack around in thick brush than the .308 Howa.

ETA: Meant to add: Maverick, make sure that whatever cover you hunt in is conducive to your choice of firearm. A marlin 336 can be had for 400-500 if you get gouged. If it's in Kali it might be higher (I got mine used for 330-350) and when comparing it side by side with a Garand I would pick the 336: No enblock clips so ammo can be loose or in a bandoleer; slimmer profile; shorter; lighter; almost looks better too. They both have wood so lookswise I can't pick between the two
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