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Wussies rucking up...

... is an amusing mental image.

The thing is, a battle rifle requires a mit more durability than does a hunting rifle, and as a result, tends to be heavier. Hunting rifles don't need to be able to handle bayonets, and aren't expected to be used as impromptu clubs.

This is why most "sporterized" prior military rifles are shortened and lightened.

Since the OP is a new hunter, I'm assuming he may not be that outdoorsy, and may not understand how much walking with gear may be involved. He could be an IronMan competitor for all I know, but the bulk of the US populace wouldn't fit that description.

Once upon a time, I had to run 5 miles with an M1 at port arms as part of a graduation week. It's certainly manageable, and yes our WWII and Korea vets humped the things everywhere.

But it is noticeably heavier than typical hunting rifles.

(That said, I am very likely to use mine this season.)


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