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Your Garand is legal, Your 8 round enbloc clip is legal, you must take the hunter safety course which is about $41. You have to apply for the area you want to hunt and they hold a drawing to restrict the number of hunters in any one area at a time. If you are going to be hunting in a Condor area you have to use lead free ammo. Your season has already started so I think you missed the boat for this year except for small game and birds. A unmodified M1 will need low pressure ammo specifically for the M1. California specifically states you must use soft point expanding ammo so I am not sure the Amax will be legal for you because it is a fragmenting bullet not a expanding bullet. You want something like the Remington copper solid. I'm using my M1 Garand myself this year just for old times sake, last time I hunted with it was in 1972 and I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to cart it around. I have 165 grain hand loads and the Hornady 168 gr commercial loads. Ordinarily I use a single shot rifle or a revolver but this year I just want to do something different. I'll probably use my hand loads because its a Remington Core Lokt bullet and I like it.
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