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Posts: 12 I too do not think a semi-automatic rifle has any place in hunting.
The Fudd is strong in this one, too!

I tell you what: You hunt with what you want, and let everybody else hunt with what they want, so long as it does not violate any game laws.
Welcome to the forum, Hunterguy.

An M-1 stoked with 150 to 168 gr soft-pointed bullets loaded to 2600 f/sec would be more than adequate for deer. The existing iron sights should be more than adequate. Practice until you can hit a paper plate consistently- the farthest distance you can hit that plate is the farthest you should be shooting at a deer.

As for a 10 lb. rifle being too heavy to carry to a deer stand: Ruck up you wussies! 65 years ago, 1/2 million men had just traipsed from England to the Oder carrying those rifles, along with a basic load of 80 rounds of ammo and 30+ lbs of other stuff....
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