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M1 hunting,,,,sure but,,,(soapbox warning)

Yes you can hunt deer and Elk with an M1. It is 30.06.

I do not mean this as an insult we all started somewhere, the questions you are asking are self evident that you are not ready to hunt with a Garand.

Any modern commercial bolt action rifle (in good condition) in 270win/30.06 with 3x9 scope would be a better hunting rifle for someone that has not been indoctrinated on the care, feeding and love of John C Garand's baby

Great questions! I am glad you are asking them here.

Take a hunter safety class if you have not already. Find someone or a gun range were you can get some hands on training, Both in weapons handling but just as importantly gain an understanding of what a high power rifle cartridge can do and what it can not.

Nothing will make you sicker than to come across a live deer with it's jaw shot off. Shot placement is everything. Therefore use the tool (rifle & scope) that will help you do this. You the hunter owe it to the game.
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