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I LOVE the POSP scope series. All mine are from Belarus. A weaver mount 6x42, AK side rail 4x24, 6x42, and 8x42.

picture clear or foggy ?
Crystal Clear. All mine are fixed power though. No experience with the variables. No distortions around the edge of the picture. It's like you're looking through a window.

holds zero?
Heck yea. Shoots the square just fine.

any problems?
My only gripe is that they have the built in mounts. I would love one that took standard 1" rings. Either that or someone make a scope with the POSP reticle.

would you buy another?

$1,500 suppressed Ruger 77/44 and my first pick of scope was a POSP. Bit of a PITA to mount on a Ruger, but SOOOOO worth it.

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