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As CCRKBA has noted, former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels was recently appointed as alternate representative to the UN.

For those who don't recognize the name, Greg Nickels is the Seattle Mayor who pushed a gun ban in Seattle even though the ban was preempted by state law and he had already been informed by the Washington state Attorney General that the ban was against state law. CCRKBA sued to overturn the law and has been successful so far; but the extent that Greg Nickels was willing to go, including ignoring state law, is a good clue of his feelings on this, even without his long history of leadership in anti-gun organizations.

With thoroughly anti-gun U.S. representation in the UN, the importance of the Senate's role in ratifying treaties cannot be overstated. We need Senators who would be willing to filibuster any attempts at ratification or we need a Senate Majority Leader who will keep it off the calendar. While the UN Treaty does not come up for a vote until 2012, the CIFTA Treaty has already been signed and only needs to be ratified.

At present these remain remote dangers; but the midterm elections can change that depending on how they go for pro-RKBA candidates.
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