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Beretta only shows the "Old West" finish as available in the Marshall on their web site now and only in .45 Colt:

There is at least one available in the standard, glossy finish on Gunbroker right now:

I bought mine at Sportsman's Warehouse (on don't want to know what I paid...) and it was a regular stock item, so if there is one of those by you perhaps give it a call and see if they have any.

Also, bear in mind that these guns are made for Beretta by Uberti, and Uberti also makes a similar model for Cimarron called the Thunderer. The Cimarron model will have standard SAA lock work (not safe with six) but I suspect that the grip frames are nearly identical:

And they make it in Stainless (!):

If you're fan of the movie "Tombstone", there is the snazzy Doc Holliday model:

Uberti itself sells a birdshead grip version of their Cattleman 1873-style revolver. This grip feels largely the same in the hand as the Beretta Marshall's grip but it does not have the Colt Lightning style hump at the top of the frame. Frankly, I don't find it as attractive but it's perhaps more authentic:

Interestingly, they make the Uberti in a 4" barrel length which is somewhat unusual for a SAA. It looks quite nice and balanced. The Beretta Marshall is a 3.5" gun by comparison and I love it exactly as is but I won't claim that it balances perfectly (nor does my Montado), only that it's compact and I like it for what it is - a very tight little hammer in .45 Colt!

Colt Birdhead models are available if you have the $$ and lastly U.S. Firearms makes Birdshead models today. They're very pricey but many say they're best mass produced SAA revolvers ever sold:

You can order those any number of ways and man are they nice!

I had my Marshall out to the range today and with factory 200gr. hollow points I was putting them all into 2" at 15 yards. That's good shooting for me (I make no claims of being a crack shot) and I just could not like this pistol any more than I do!


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